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Why we do this work

Helping industrial teams be efficient, profitable, and green


Breaking tradeoffs between profits and sustainability

Friends with decades of industrial automation experience between them founded Watt Window in 2021.

For years, they saw industrial teams struggle with doing right by both shareholders and the environment: Siloed data, hard-to-access equipment capabilities, and expensive custom solutions made it difficult to have all of profit, uptime, and carbon compliance.

So we formed Watt Window to “be the Easy Button” for industrial energy efficiency–to help teams do better without all the headaches.

We got to work and combined components we trusted, cutting-edge technology, and above it all, deep respect for the work of industrial teams in our native Minnesota and worldwide.

Others pitched in for the sake of the vision and the team. Energy built. Roadblocks kept falling. Here we are!

And just wait: There’s so much more to come!


Smart energy metering + preventative maintenance = Profits, uptime, and carbon compliance

Watt Window is an industrial energy efficiency company.

We help you optimize operations, profits, and your environmental impact without tradeoffs.

Watt Window’s main Industrial IoT (IIOT) solutions include:

  • Physical, universally-compatible metering platforms
  • Digital usage data, insights, and recommendation platforms

We work hard to make your onboarding cheap, easy, and professional, give you clear, actionable insights, and simplify the energy-related jobs of your internal and external partners along the way too.

Our company calls Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA) home. But we partner with industrial teams worldwide and listen to their local needs.